Session H: "Dr. Doctorate"

Session H1: How to conclude your doctoral thesis in one chapter

Shosh Leshem and Vernon Trafford, Room 30

The conclusions chapter is (usually) the most difficult chapter to write.’  This view is widely held by candidates, supervisors and examiners.  The chapter can only be drafted when all of the other chapters have been written and their contribution to the thesis is known and agreed.
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Session H2: How to publish successfully

Stefan Hopmann and Editor, Room 31

In many cases publishing fails not because of poor research quality but rather due to the disregard of many written and some unwritten formal rules in publishing policy.
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Session H3: Turning your conference paper into a journal article

Patricia Thomson, Room 32

In this hands on session participants will firstly consider why some journal articles are accepted and why some are not. They will then work through a 'tiny text' (the abstract) to develop their distinctive contribution to a specific journal. Finally, they will refine their argument and develop a re-drafting plan, using strategic headings, section weightings, and signposts.

Patricia Thomson is Professor of Education, Director of Research and Director Centre for Equity and Diversity in Education, School of Education, Nottingham, UK